O&P Billing Specialists

We’re here to secure the financial health of your O&P Company.


The constantly changing landscape of O&P billing and reimbursements have sadly caused once profitable companies to go out of business. The Partners of Meridian Billing Solutions have seen first hand the challenges of staying profitable in these changing times. With a combined 22 years in O & P billing and our expertise in collecting bad debt and navigating the complexities of the appeals process, we can prevent you company meeting the same fate. Remaining compliant and appealing RAC audits are an ongoing concern. You can’t afford not to get paid for the work you do.

Meridian Billing Solutions was formed by a highly educated and skilled team of professionals. We are dedicated to securing the future of O&P practices through maximizing reimbursement and minimizing costs.

The backbone of our company is Theresa Utt, CPC. Theresa’s integrity, leadership, commitment to transparent operations and proven success have earned Meridian the confidence of industry professionals.